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Mr. Gao An’ming: Media Should Gather Positive Energy for the Belt and Road

(People’s Daily, Beijing, Sept 21st, Reporter YAN Lu)

Hosted by People's Daily, themed as “New Cooperation Prospect: Towards a Community of Common Destiny” the 2015 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijing on Sept 21st.Mr. Gao An’ming, deputy editor of China Daily said at the forum that media should gather positive energy for the Belt and Road. He said the new normal economy is a very hot topic both at home and abroad, both among the media reports and research think tanks. The world is undergoing sluggish economic recovery except for the United States, and other major economies are facing different kind of difficulties, complex and challenging macroeconomic situation, which required countries to break the original model to promote a new engine of growth and new development.
Under such situation, the promotion and implementation of the Belt and Road will play an important role in optimizing China and relevant countries in the development of the external environment, expanding strategic opportunities, as well as exploring a new model of international cooperation and international governance.
He said that as the news media, Belt and Road Initiative will bring new opportunities and new challenges to China and the global economy. With problems and misunderstandings inevitable, timely communication and exchanges are necessary, to promote cooperation bridging among countries, promote cultural exchanges and consolidate public opinion foundation. As to the different voices emerged or may emerge in the future, he suggested that the Chinese and foreign media should seek truth from facts, offer objective and fair reporting and evaluation of China's economy, trade and investment cooperation between China and other countries .

He believes that the media can also explore the establishment of a regular exchange of visits, through regular high-level exchange of visits, personnel study, work, etc., to strengthen exchanges between the media, deepen understanding and enhance friendship.