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Mr. Sheraz Latif: Belt and Road Initiative Important to Neighboring Countries

(, Beijing, September 21, Huxiao)
Hosted by People's Daily, themed as “Common Destiny, New Visions of Cooperation, New Cooperation Prospect: Towards a Community of Common Destiny” the 2015 Media Cooperation Forum on One and Belt One and Road Initiative Media Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing on Sept 21st. President of Associated Press of Pakistan, Mr. Sheraz Latif said that the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China, was very important to neighboring countries. He said that now China was in the process of rapid development, and the initiative and the concept of sustainable development was a very important channel to improve the living standards of countries along the Belt and Road. He also mentioned about media innovation and transformation in his speech that now there were many advances in technology, the news was not only limited to a certain geographical range any more. Different media should work together across different regions. In his view, media could take different forms of cooperation, such as exchanging visits, making documentaries and film.