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Mr. WANG Sanyun: Gansu to Be the Backbone of the Belt and Road Construction

Hosted by People's Daily, themed as “New Cooperation Prospect: Towards a Community of Common Destiny” the 2015 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijing on Sept 21st.
Mr. Wang Sanyun, Party Secretary of Gansu Province said in his speech that the Belt and Road initiative not only builds an important win-win platform for countries along the Belt and Road ,but also ushers a rare opportunity for accelerated development of Gansu. With a history of more than 8000 thousand years, the ancient Silk Road in Gansu across more than 1600 kilometers, left a lot of good imprint and stories to Gansu Province. We can say that, as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and exchange with the West, Gansu has made important contributions to peace, prosperity and development of the Silk Road.
“Gansu today has undergoing great changes. The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by president Xi Jinping, not only builds a win-win platform for countries along the Belt and Road, but also brings great opportunities for the rejuvenation of China. Wang said that we know the significant effect of the Belt and Road. Gansu will actively adapt to the reform and opening trends, continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the countries along the Silk Road.