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Mr. WANG Jiarui: The Core of Belt and Road Construction: Jointly Discussing, Building and Sharing

(People’s Daily, Beijing, Sept 21st, Reporter SUN Boyang)

Hosted by People's Daily, themed as “New Cooperation Prospect: Towards a Community of Common Destiny” the 2015 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijing on Sept 21st.Mr. Wang Jiarui, Vice Minister of CPPCC, head of International Department of CCCPC said in his speech that China’s promotion to the Belt and Road construction, is not to expand the sphere of influence, not to change the existing international order, not to safeguard the interests of one or a small number of countries, but a major initiative to promote mutual benefit of China and world. Jointly discussing, building and sharing is the core essence.
Wang pointed out that “we are facing some changes today, such as the acceleration of economic globalization, various challenges in regional development, but there are a number of conditions remaining unchanged, and that is the goal can be reached through national, regional cooperation, that’s what ancient Silk Road has left for us”.

Wang elaborated on jointly discussing, building and sharing. He said jointly discussing is to discuss how to handle things well, to consider interest and concerns of each other. Jointly building is to give full use of potential advantages, to push forward the development unswervingly; Jointly sharing is to allow more achievements benefit the peoples of countries along the Belt and Road, to create a community of common interests and destiny.

Wang said that the Belt and Road has inspired a new wave of regional cooperation. Under the joint efforts of all parties involved, preparation for Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has made some substantial progress, Silk Road Fund has been successfully started and a number of infrastructure interconnection projects are getting ready too. He said that the Belt and Road Media Cooperation Forum hosted by People's Daily, has had established an in-depth discussion about the role of media. He believes that this discussion will play an important role in exploring for better understandings between nations and peoples, and promoting exchanges and cooperation between the media.