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Jonathan Leff: “One Belt, One Road” Initiative is Set to Grab Big Headlines

Jonathan Leff, CEO of Reuters World Financial News Reporting

Themed as “Common Destiny, New Visions of Cooperation,” the Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road has opened in the National Convention Center. Jonathan Leff, CEO of Reuters World Financial News Reporting tells participants at the forum that he believes that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative proposed by China will be grabbing a lot of headlines in the next few years.

Leff says that over the last ten years, the Internet and social media have brought irrevocable changes to the media industry. These changes are affecting journalists and news reporting in very important ways. The way how things become news stories is also changing. In the future, the big and breaking news will be increasingly broken live from Facebook and Twitter whereas traditional media like us will be sidelined. On the other hand, our clients are becoming demanding. They expect the information they receive to be relevant to them, to be delivered to them in a way they find interesting and at their convenient time. These new demands mean that we have to provide the news content more promptly and more sensitive to individual needs and we have to have the utmost flexibility in combining video, texts and photos in presenting a story.

Leff concludes by saying that if the news industry wants the speed of news reporting to be in line with the speed of the Internet, then journalists have to master those ground-breaking new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and language processing etc. Only in this way, can the media be ready for tasks of the future.