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Ahmed Said: “One Belt, One Road” Initiative Holds Very Important Meaning for Our Time

Ahmed Said, director-general of the Pyramids

The 2016 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road hosted by the People's Daily has opened today. In a speech addressed to the conference, Ahmed Said, director-general of the Pyramids of Egypt says that the cornerstone principles of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the principles of equality, peace and mutual benefit hold very important meanings for our time.

Said points out that differences have always existed among the nations along the ancient Silk Road's passing. These nations differ hugely in their economic strength, political system and military power. But such differences did not lead to conflicts and confrontations. Nor did they result in a stronger nation invading, annexing or bullying a weaker nation.

Said argues that the Silk Road set a good example of regional cooperation in ancient times thanks to its well-tested principles of justice, equality, freedom and mutual benefit. These principles helped to establish the old Silk Road as a route of prosperity, peace, mutual benefit and common development.

Said maintains that cooperation and development are the mainstream values in today's world. The ideal international relationship is one that is based on just and reasonable cooperation. He also argues that from an economic perspective, the “One Belt, One Road” initiative will not only boost the sustainable development of the countries along the route's passing, but also support the recovery and sustainable development of the world economy.

In his speech, Said also recalls the recent history of world domination, in which some western powers inflicted great pains to other nation with their “gunboat policy.” He hopes that these nations will also embark on a road of cooperation, peace and mutual benefit.

As a journalist, Said says if the world's media see their core responsibility as disseminating truth and knowledge and standing up to the common goods of humanity, the world will be free from many of the conflicts we see today. Media will also gain more credibility and thus more power in influencing public opinion. He further promotes truth, science, freedom, responsibility, justice and mutual benefit as the true values of media, and he renounces those media that try to defend and justify foreign invasion and aggression.